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Thursday, 19 April 2012

The wisdom of crowds

Ulule is one of those crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo where a publisher can raise investment for new projects from the people who are best placed to judge whether there's a market: the customers themselves. And this month, Megara Entertainment are looking to fund a French edition of the Sokara supplement to Greywood's Fabled Lands RPG.

Megara have set a total target of €1500, and as I write this they are more than a third of the way there. Depending on how much you invest you can get a bunch of goodies to thank you for being one of champions of Sokara. For more information, take a look at the Sokara page on Ulule. Don't delay - the offer only lasts until May 17.


  1. I am tempted, very tempted in spite of unable to read a single word of French but I am willing to pay... if only to admire the arts in the book and to support Fabled Lands setting. :)



  2. Is there any chance Fabled Lands 7 - 12 could be funded this way?

  3. I do believe it will look absolutely gorgeous, Joe. Megara's layout and art are brilliant anyway, and French RPGs always look incredible because of the production quality and full colour.

  4. We have wondered about that, Matthew. I think the existing fanbase for FL isn't big enough (unless everybody pledged $200 per book!) so that's why we want to see if the Android, Kindle and iOS versions can grow the readership first. If so, we'll certainly look at ways to fund the development of the rest of the series. We're also currently discussing a Fabled Lands CRPG - but it's still just a discussion, so don't everybody get excited yet :-)

  5. Hi Dave!
    About Crowdfunding
    That would be an awesome idea! If you do that, please consider the shipping to other countries.

    About the CRPG.
    I have mix feelings because It's an expensive investment. You could consider a 2D RPG for browsers to avoid Mac/PC/Linux/iPad issues. It could be also financed by Crowdfunding!

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