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Friday, 23 March 2018

Almost too good to be true

If I told you there was a definitive history of computer roleplaying games available as a large format 528-page full colour book, you'd have your chequebook out and be asking me for the Kickstarter link, right?

Well, spring is here and with it a flowering of sweet beneficence. Because The CRPG Book Project, authored by divers hands under the editorial aegis of Felipe Pepe, is here right now and it's completely free. Don't believe me? I wouldn't blame you, so go take a look.

If you want a print copy you could probably fix one up for yourself on Lulu. Or just read the book on a tablet and let those colours glow the way they were always meant to.


  1. Ah, yes! This is an awesome achievement; I've followed the development of this book for the past year or so. Not only are there reviews of most major cRPGs from the 70s-2000s, but there are also sections on tips for getting into older cRPGs, and suggested titles for beginners. It's also just fun to sift through to your favorite cRPGs and read what it has to say about them.

  2. I believe there will be a print copy with proceeds going to a charity.

  3. Having authored a few game art books myself in the past, I know the enormous effort involved in getting permission to use artwork from hundreds of different companies. Given that, it would be fair enough for Mr Pepe and his team to make a profit off the print edition, I'd have thought.

  4. Fascinating stuff! Although I'm amazed that King of Dragon Pass remains so little-known even after its ios re-release.