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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Cold and gold

While we're on the subject of top-notch stories and freeform roleplaying (which are kind of themes of the month, in case you hadn't noticed) Jim "Grim" Desborough's Dragon Warriors sessions on YouTube are still going strong. He and his group are now onto the adventures from the Cold Fury scenario book, which I gather was the title of the reissued In From The Cold

Grim shows how to keep a game focussed, fun, exciting, inspired, and packed with atmosphere. The best sessions are the ones where he goes off piste from the published adventure and wings it. Also he's got a first-rate group of players. I do miss Bekka (one of the founder PCs), though; there was a great character dynamic there with Sir Alain. Still, the rest of the band are all fine fellows and watching them swashbuckle their way through Ellesland is as good as a TV show any day.

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