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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Witch trees and wooden boys

I hope you've recovered from the recent Brymstone announcement, because here's more Dragon Warriors news. Not content with prepping the second issue of Casket of Fays, the good folks at Red Ruin Publishing have just released a couple of eerie adventure seeds by Nigel Ward: "A Real Live Boy" and "The Witch Oak". 

I can't say more about the adventures because one of our group has called dibs on running them, ideally on or around Halloween. But I can tell you that they're free (right here on DriveThruRPG) and look to be the perfect answer to my recent grumble about overlong roleplaying scenarios. Actually, "The Witch Oak" is a short story rather than an adventure, but our referee has embargoed it to raid for ideas, as I expect most will.

You might want to keep an eye on the Red Ruin page on DriveThruRPG, incidentally, as Casket of Fays #2 is due any day now. Also free and filled with encounters, adventures, items, spells and articles by the top creative talent working on DW today, it's better than the luxury suite at Gully's Inn -- and without the goblins waking you up at two in the morning, too.


  1. My party seem to have an aversion to Gully's Inn. Maybe the adventurers in my newer party won't be so cowardly as to shy from a warm bed and warmer ale..

    I really enjoyed these from Nigel and look forward to using them on unsuspecting heroes in the future. I was more than happy to get them out as Red Ruin's Trick or Treat submission over at DriveThru RPG.

    1. I'm sure all those stories about how Gully came by the inn just can't be true.

  2. Gully’s? As one wag over on the DW Discord said it’s a bit like Hotel California “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave...”

  3. I couldn't possibly comment on his prize porkers.