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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A master, a mistress and two slaves

Some personal news for once, but not without bearing on Fabled Lands, as our patron and Grand Panjandrum, Franklin Lee Johnson Jr, tied the knot with the lovely Lydia Radosevic in London on Saturday. Somehow the Fabled Lands LLP team wangled an invitation, and you can see us here in the sort of clothing we often throw on for a weekend bash. From left to right: Jamie Thomson, Berenice Gummer with her hubby, FL business brain Tim Gummer, and finally yours truly. Among the guests were the legendary founder of MUD, Dr Richard Bartle, and Professor Mark Watson-Gandy, the legal genius behind FL LLP and incidentally also a Papal Knight (yes, he was in full regalia, including sword). And we got to meet the globetrotting Johnson clan, as nice a bunch of people as you could ever hope to share a slice of wedding cake with. A very happy day.

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