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The Way of the Tiger

You are Avenger, trained in the Way of the Tiger, sworn to avenge the death of your foster-father. In this classic gamebook series, you choose the skills and martial arts moves to defeat your enemies, gaining knowledge and honing your abilities to use as your quest progresses.


Your foster-father’s assassin has stolen the scrolls of Kettsuin. Now, the secret word of power could be used to imprison the great god Kwon in Inferno forever – unleashing the forces of evil throughout the world of Orb. Your quest is to find the assassin before he reaches the Pillars of Change. The fate of Orb depends on your skill and cunning.


"The gods of evil move against us. You must return the Scrolls of Kettsuin to their rightful place at the Temple of the Rock on the Island of Tranquil Dreams, but your journey will be beset with dangers." 

These are the words of your god Kwon. Courage and skill in his service have rewarded you greatly. You alone were able to recover the stolen scrolls of Kettsuin, guardian of the secret word of power. You alone have defeated the assassin. But now you have a new mission. You must escape your vengeful enemies and flee the mainland to return the scrolls to their rightful place. It is a long and dangerous journey – for the agents of the gods of evil will pursue you until death.


‘Who has usurped the land of your birth? Who has denied you the chance to rule? Who has taken everything you held dear? And who will give these things back to you? No one. You must take what is yours by right.’

You have vanquished the forces of evil which have conspired against you and your people. Now, at long last, the Grandmaster of the Dawn reveals the secret of your birth. The truth is thrilling yet grim. For your father was king of Irsmuncast. You are his heir. But the crown that is rightfully yours sits upon the brow of the cruel usurper. Now your mission is clear. You must end the usurper’s regime of terror and claim the throne for yourself.


"The reign of your father the Loremaster – the reign of the Usurper after him – these were but as the blinking of an eye to me and so it shall be with your reign. It matters not; the final outcome will be unchanged."

Your skills as a warrior have made you triumphant! You have toppled the cruel Usurper to take your rightful place as Overlord of Irsmuncast. Crowds of exuberant citizens chant your name in joyous song. But beware, for the adventure has just begun. As Overlord you are now playing a treacherous game of intrigue, deception and danger. Threats come from within and without the walls of your great city, and you will need your wits as well as your strength to survive. The fate of a people and a kingdom rests in your hands.


"An old score shall be settled. The Legion of the Sword of Doom shall conquer the City of Irsmuncast and bring its people into slavery. I swear by Sorcerak to kill you with my own hands."

Your perilous quest for the sceptre and orb has been a glorious success. Once again, your skills have ensured your rule of Irsmuncast. But now you return home to a city of death – overrun by evil hordes and threatened by an even greater army to come. Honoric, general of the dreaded Legion of the Sword of Doom, has vowed to destroy you and undo all you have done for your people. Are you strong enough to save your war-torn kingdom?


"Listen well, Avenger. If you do not aid your friend in his hour of need, then you are no better than those who hold him prisoner in the everlasting darkness."

You have proven yourself victorious on the battlefield and repulsed the dark forces of evil from your fair city. But now a more subtle evil stirs. Your friend and comrade, Glaivas, is somewhere in the Rift, held ransom against the Sceptre that is your badge of rulership. Do you dare risk everything you have achieved to rescue your friend? The darkened honeycomb tunnels of the Rift hold danger and death at every turn . . . and lead into the very center of Orb.

The Way of the Tiger series presented gamebook fans with the ultimate cliffhanger. For twenty-seven years Avenger, the ninjutsu-trained hero, lay trapped in the web of the spider goddess. Gamers the world over clamored for the series to resume so that they could continue their quest. Now at last series creators Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson have agreed to authorize new adventures in the world of Orb. There’s never been a better time to discover this breathtaking high fantasy epic.