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How to turn a PDF into a paperback using

If you grabbed yourself a copy of my free Tirikelu roleplaying rules, this tells you how to go about turning that digital version into a paperback you can use at the gaming table.

First go to If you don’t already have an account there you’ll need to set one up, but that costs nothing.

Next select Create followed by Print Book.

Next you’re given options for the kind of book you’re creating – paper quality, format, etc. Select:

Premium paperback
Perfect bound
Black and white on white

The next page asks you to enter the book title and author. Technically it’s Tirikelu by Dave Morris, but it doesn’t matter what you enter here as only you will ever see it. Make sure to set access to the book to Private.

Now you’ve got to upload the interior file. You can get that here. When you’ve downloaded that and uploaded it to Lulu, select Make print-ready interior. (Ignore any error messages that pop up – it will print fine.)

When that’s done (it may take a minute or so to process) you’re ready to do the cover. From the cover options choose One-piece cover designer and then get the cover file here and upload that. When it’s uploaded, select Make print-ready cover.

When that’s finished processing you’re all set and you can order copies for personal use. So Lulu is basically an online printer. I’d do the set-up for you but – sorry, folks, the strictly interpreted rules of the Tekumel Foundation don’t allow it. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the sra’úr player.