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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mwa ha ha - UPDATE

I don't think I'm letting the cat out of the bag here, as this was the subject of one of our first FL posts and is now up on Amazon too. Dirk Lloyd is what happens when the Lord of Darkness is banished by his archfoe the White Wizard and is magically hurled across the dimensions, crashing to earth in a modern car park and finding himself in the body of a 13 year-old boy. It's Sauron in suburbia - with zits. Starting in October you'll be able to read the hilarious adventures of the Lloyd of Dirkness (say it in a Brummie accent, it makes sense) in a series of novels penned by the great squamous beast himself, Jamie Thomson. This is the first of Fabled Lands LLP's original properties to see the light (or dark) of day and already plans are well-advanced for a TV show, comic book and other fun stuff. Just don't read the Amazon synopsis because it's riddled with spoilers.

Latest news: Freya Hartas, awesomely talented daughter of the famous gamebook illustrator and Mirabilis co-creator, Leo Hartas, has a meeting next week at Hachette, UK publishers of the Dirk Lloyd books. I've seen some of Freya's pictures for the first book and they are amazing. The combination of zany humour and outrageous imagination are very reminiscent of Leo's work, but she has a dark, disturbing touch that's all her own. Check out her other work at Carl Has The Funk.


  1. Is it a gamebook?

  2. There are three Dirk novels planned, Anon, to be published in English (by Hachette) and German. (And hopefully in other languages too, but the deals aren't inked on those yet, so I can't reveal details.) And, as I said, the TV show is being developed by one of the world's leading networks. No gamebooks though.