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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The fiend in his lair

Here's Jamie proudly brandishing a copy of Dark Lord: The Teenage Years in yesterday's edition of The Argus, the Brighton newspaper read by famous local figures as diverse as Pinkie Brown and Nicholas van Hoogstraten. Jamie is pictured in his "study" (actually a pile of books, magazines and curios that slightly resembles the home of Stig of the Dump - if Stig's den were more cramped and had been randomly furnished with Roman swords and elvish knives).

It's great that Dirk Lloyd is getting such a lot of media attention - not only because it is a great concept and a very funny book, but because it's unlocking the possibility for Fabled Lands LLP to do lots of other projects dear to our hearts. The new gamebook we're working on was green-lit because of the buzz around Dark Lord, and there's even talk now of a Dirk Lloyd gamebook. It looks like a busy year ahead.

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