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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Just a matter of T.I.M.E.

Anybody want to hazard a guess at what's going on here? Hint: I said what, not WOTT. If you can't guess from all the clues, pop back tomorrow when all will be revealed.

*  *  *

Actually, while you're waiting, here's a complete role-playing system for the world of Tekumel. And here's the character sheet template to go with it. And here's an entry-level scenario. And here's a set of adventures to continue that into a full campaign. And the city (with map) to set it all in.

Not sure what Tekumel is or why it's the richest and most meticulously detailed fantasy setting ever created? Then start off by reading Patrick Brady's quick-start introduction to the world. The world maps will help too.

That's nothing to do with tomorrow's news. It's just some freebies I thought the roleplayers among you might like.


  1. I've completely distracted myself thinking about Tekumel there. Well, David, you're almost right. Not a new Falcon book, but the return of the series in a revised edition. Details tomorrow.

    1. Just received Falcon vol. 1 from Amazon, and have to say it looks great. Really neat looking front cover. Been looking forward to this series being re-releaed. But will not say anymore in case I spoil tomorrow's T.I.M.E line :)