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An epic gamebook quest for 1-4 players. Use spells, swords, guile or secret lore to overcome your foes in a combination of tabletop tactics and interactive story.

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1: The Battlepits of Krarth

Every thirteen lunar months the Magi of Krarth hold a desperate contest to see which of them will rule that bleak and icy land. Teams of daring adventurers are sent down into the labyrinths that lie beneath the tundra, each searching for the Emblem of Victory that will win power for their patron.

Only one team can prevail. The others must die.

2: The Kingdom of Wyrd

The Warlock King holds the land of Wyrd in thrall. His tyrannized subjects live in perpetual fear, knowing that he can see into their dreams and kill them while they sleep.

But now an ancient prophecy has brought outsiders from beyond the shores of Wyrd. You seek the lost hilt of the Sword of Life. To claim it you must find the Palace of Eternal Dusk and there confront the Warlock King.

It is a struggle which will test the limits of your courage and skill, for the nightmares you must face will be shaped from the darkest corners of your own subconscious mind.

3: The Demon's Claw

The darkest hour approaches… To recover the final fragment of the Sword of Life, you are forced to make an uneasy alliance with the exiled prince who seeks its twin, the Sword of Death.

The next phase of your quest takes you through the alleyways of the city of Crescentium, where assassins lurk in the shadows and fanatic crusaders are vigilant to mete out punishment to any who break their harsh laws.

But mortal foes are not your greatest threat. You must embark on a ship that voyages between worlds, face jinn and fire wizards, and contend against the still-powerful remnants of forgotten gods.

In this land of sorcery, you will encounter terrors and wonders more fabulous than you have ever imagined – until your ultimate destination, the very shores of Life and Death, where you come face to face with your greatest foe.

4: Doomwalk

Your quest for the Sword of Life leads into the domain of Death…

The True Magi are gathering their powers. Soon the moment of their reincarnation will be at hand. Only one thing can stop them from returning to enslave mankind. One weapon has the power to slay them. The Sword of Life. But it has been seized by your arch-enemy and taken to a place beyond the reach of all but the mightiest of heroes.

And so you set out on your most desperate adventure. To recover the Sword of Life, you must travel to the land of the dead.

5: The Walls of Spyte

In the darkening sky above Krarth, five ominous stars have come into conjunction for the first time in two hundred years. Out of the vault of the sky they cast their baleful influence across the frozen landscape. They are the disembodied spirits of the last of the Magi, seeking the return to the mortal world at midnight and ushering in a new era of terror.

You wield the sole force in the world capable of destroying the Magi. The Sword of Life is mankind's only hope but it is no guarantee of victory. The Magi have had two centuries of exile to plan their reincarnation. To stop them you will need greater courage and strength than ever before.