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Fabled Lands Gamebooks

Set out on a journey of fabulous adventure
— in lands to stagger your imagination

Fabled Lands is an epic series of interactive books with the scope of a massively multiplayer game world. You can choose to be an explorer, merchant, priest, scholar or soldier of fortune. You can buy a ship or a townhouse, join a temple, undertake desperate adventures in the wilderness or embroil yourself in court intrigues and the sudden violence of city backstreets. You can undertake missions that will earn you allies and enemies, or you can remain a free agent. With thousands of quests and locations to explore, the choices are all yours. 

Revolution rages in Sokara. You can join forces with the King to restore his throne – or look for profit in the pay of the dictator, General Marlock.

Use fighting skills or sorcery, bribery or skulduggery to survive the assassins in the city backstreets. Descend to the sewers of Yellowport to defeat the vile rat-king, Skabb. Retrieve the golden net of the gods from the Repulsive Ones deep beneath the sea - and use the rewards of your victories to travel beyond the boundaries of the known world.      


You can sail the high seas to Golnir's distant ports. As a warrior, plunder ancient treasures and do battle with the legions of darkness in the hall of the death-god Nagil. As a spy, penetrate the labyrinth of lies and sinister secrets of the scheming merchants of Metriciens. As a sorcerer, barter in mysteries, spells and ancient lore with the immortal wizard Estragon. Amass wealth, honours and power that will take you on voyages to uncharted regions.

Across the Violet Ocean lie countless islands steeped in mystery. Every port brings peril — from the half-wild settlements on the edge of Ankon-Konu to the forbidden cloisters of the sorcerers' colleges of Dweomer. Every voyage means danger — from bloodthirsty pirates and haunted ships, from sea monsters and sunken realms.

You can choose to be a daring explorer in search of conquests, treasures and power. Or a magical savant, invoking the secrets of the ancients to annihilate your foes. Or you can amass a fortune as a merchant, trading in spices and gold from the Sea of Hydras to the Innis Shoals.

Barbaric nomads attack all who enter their deadly wilderness. Where legendary prizes await the adventurer who can release the High King from his frozen tomb. Where a city of ghosts guards the Shadar's treasure vaults. Where the secret of immortality is contained in the ancient evil of Kaschuf the Deathless…


Enter a shadowy land haunted by religious dogma, where no one is who they seem. The sinister lords of the Uttakin go masked to hide their treachery. The secret police of the god Ebron kill those who flout their fanatical beliefs. In this tyrannical realm of betrayal and assassination, life is cheap. But rich rewards await the adventurer courageous enough to penetrate this hostile land.

Will you uncover the secrets of the High King’s citadel, where no mortal has trod for ten generations? Or wrest the holy sword from the crypt of Kizil Irmak, the Harbinger of War? Or find the key that unlocks the greatest secret of all – the means to open the gate of time and travel back into the past?


Ancient noble lineages have ruled the exotic kingdom of Akatsurai since before the dawn of history. But great warrior clans constantly seek to overthrow them. In the turmoil of war, there are countless opportunities for a quick-witted adventurer. Will you spy for the Shogun? Or become one of the Sovereign's knights in your pursuit of riches and power?

Track down the elusive, raven-winged Tengu to learn the secret arts of sorcery and swordplay. Defeat the vampires, skilled in martial arts, who guard the Lost Tomb of the Necromancer. Enter the dreadful cloisters of the Noboro Monastery, where you will fight the most dangerous opponent of all — yourself. 

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