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In the middle of a lonely wood, as night falls, you come upon a half-ruined mansion where dwells the undead Lord Tenebron among his servitors – depraved mortals, creatures of darkness, and luckless adventurers enslaved to his will.

Your only hope of escape is to prevail against the dangers that beset you and battle your way to the very heart of the catacombs. There, in the deepest chamber of the vampire’s crypt, you must face him and try to end his reign of terror for all time.


Far below the lost temple of the ancient god Katak, you and your evil foe Damontir the Mad act out a deadly game. You stalk one another through the silent tunnels where no living thing has trod in centuries, both seeking the priceless gold idol of the flame god.

With skill and daring and a little luck, you can overcome the traps and monstrous beings that stand between you and your goal. But then you must face Damontir in a mighty conflict to decide who will emerge victorious into the light of day and who will remain in the silent darkness forever.


The land lies in the grip of fear. The king is helpless, withered and aged by evil magic. Arkayn Darkrobe, fell Lord of Shadow Keep, rules the country now with necromancy and vile cunning.

You are the greatest of the Paladins. You journey through danger and darkness to face the Lord of Shadow Keep. If you cannot overcome his spells and slay him, all is lost!

A masterpiece of Gothic atmosphere by the author of The Nations of the Night.


It should have been a simple mission. You were sent to bring back the fabled Eye of the Dragon from the half-submerged ruins of Thalios. But you arrived to find an earlier expedition destroyed, and eerie dwellers of an oceanic realm stalking the ancient avenues. As night falls, you must evade their patrols and link up with the survivors of the expedition. Everything depends on your courage as a Warrior and your skill as a Mage.


Somewhere, half-buried by the drifting sands of the desert Khem, lies the pyramid tomb of the Lost Pharaoh. Great wealth and magical power await its discoverer.

You search the bazaars of the city for a guide, your footsteps dogged by would-be assassins. You battle against the burning sun to reach your destination. There you meet the deadliest obstacle of all – not in the dark passageways filled with fatal traps, nor in the undead mummy guards, but in the curse of the Pharaoh, which no one has ever survived.


Beyond the hills and haunted swamps towards the sunset lies the grim castle of the arch-fiend Slank. For centuries this demon has plundered the souls of mortal men, gathering them to his terrible abode to dwell in eternal torment. Now the secret magic that can destroy Slank is known at last. You agree to undertake this perilous adventure—but can you rid the world of the demon’s dark shadow, or are you merely destined to become his latest victim?

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