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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Silver linings

Okay, the bad news first because it isn't that bad. Amazon is listing Book Five as "currently unavailable". This is just for a day or two and is while we get our new printer to sort out a couple of minor details. You can still place orders, and it probably won't delay delivery by more than 24 hours or so.

The good news is that this should improve consistency of printing between the first four books and these latest ones. So please bear with us - it's a learning curve, but it's an upward one. And another bit of good news is that we're now expecting to have Book Six on sale before the end of September. Tell your friends. Come to that, tell your enemies.


  1. By consistency are you referring to the paper colour and type face on the spine? I'm more than happy to buy a second copy if it improves the feng shui of my bookshelf.

    I know I haven't got obsessive compulsive disorder - I checked twenty times this morning before brushing teeth

    1. I don't think there's anything we can do about the paper stock, Oliver, but the spine text should now look right. But it won't be precisely the same as books 1-4 because we didn't have the font the other printer used (Trajan) so had to use Times Roman instead. Only the most eagle-eyed typesetter would spot a difference, though.

      I don't know that you should go as far as buying two copies, but if you do then you'll have real collector's item in the spine lower-case font edition. Only about a hundred of those were ever printed.

  2. Thank you for the info. Are the other books coming from the previous printer still or from the new one?

    I have left reviews on amazon (eddieriff). These books are superb and the current little renaissance is a wonderful thing.

    Any thoughts on optional rules for the website? Multi class characters for example or a Barbarian type to match the rpg? I used to have a Sailor hero who could add his rank to dice rolls at sea - penalised him by not allowing him to wear metal armour.

    1. Thanks for the reviews, Oliver. Books 1-4 are still coming from the old printer. I could transfer them across to the new printer, but it would mean raising the price by £1 so we decided against it.

      Multi-class characters? Ah, you'll like the reissued VR books, then, as you can create pretty much any character type you want.