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Monday, 26 January 2015

Wild in the country

Another thrilling instalment in my childhood attempt at fanfic for the world of Krishna. I suppose I had at least grasped the importance of reversals, though probably not in a form that would have impressed Aristotle. Or Robert E Howard, come to that. If the illustration (probably also by a 10-year-old) doesn't put you off, take a look at the GURPS sourcebook.

*  *  *

“The World of Krishna” part 3

Quick as a flash, Acer drew his sword. He swung at the yeki. It jumped aside and the sword flew out of Acer’s hands, jamming point-upwards among some stones.

The yeki leapt at Acer. He ducked and it was impaled on the sword.

A little while later, Acer was walking along when he heard a rustle in the bushes. A person leapt on him and began to strangle him.

To be continued.


  1. Plenty of action, more please! (I suspect you'll have to go back to Dave Morris aged 5 and a half to disappoint :). Cragot, a mixture of champagne and shandy.... mmmm. In real life, I quite like Kir Royale, a mixture of champagne and creme de cassis (which is basically Ribena with alcohol). A lot better than the Eye of Argon, and no messing about. Hack, slash, eat, drink!

    1. Actually I was doing my own comic when I was 5 and a half, James, so that's where that passion started. As for outrageous experiments with champagne, if you like kir royale I can recommend mixing fizz with Chambord black raspberry liqueur, available in Waitrose at £7.50 a bottle. Cheers!

    2. I have a bottle of Chambord downstairs, because I liked the shape of the bottle (like a magic potion bottle or something)! Still need to drink it though). The only comics I did when young were "Count Spatula" or "Clementine the Super-Mule and the Commies of Doom". Simpler times...

      I came across one of mine when I was 10. It was a jungle adventure and Our Hero kept falling into unconsciousness. I seemingly wasn't keen on continuity!

  2. A falling sword lands point upright, and then somebody falls on it, and is impaled... I'm fairly sure that later became a major plot point in one of your Knightmare books, no? A warrior who could not be killed by an earthly weapon, who accidentally impaled himself on Excalibur? Something like that...

    1. I don't *think* Excalibur ever showed up in the Knightmare books. I could be wrong.

    2. Ah, I've had a chance to look it up. I'm thinking of Knightmare 4: The Sorcerer's Isle. The novella part of that features Sir Balin's sword, which can 'only be used by the greatest knight in the world'. If anybody else were to use it, it would one day cause the wielder's death. And, of course, its bearer, the faux Sir Lancelot (I think), ultimately falls on the blade.

      That's what I was thinking of. Not Excalibur. Silly me.

      Oh, spoiler alert, by the way.