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Saturday, 24 January 2015

My L Sprague de Camp fanfic

Here's the first instalment of my story set on the planet Krishna. I was only 10 years old and yet I feel it's on a par with some of the Beast Quest books, for example. I realize that's not saying much. The entry from my primary school exercise book begins by setting the scene...

*  *  *

I am reading a book called A Planet Called Krishna. The author is L Sprague de Camp.

Krishna is a planet very similar to Earth in Roman times. Krishnans are just like humans except they have two short antennae.

Here is my own story about Krishna:

“The World of Krishna” part 1

Acer lom-Tanoc stood in a Krishnan inn. The innkeeper scurried up to him and handed him a menu.

Acer sat down and contemplated the list of meals. He ordered a roast shomal and a glass of cragot. (Cragot is the Krishnans’ answer to beer.)

Suddenly he felt a dagger-point touching the back of his neck.


  1. That's very terrible of you to keep us in suspense so early into the story... XD

  2. I was expecting a branching narrative...

    Does Acer freeze?
    Does he react with lightning reflexes?

    1. It's basically that, only what self-respecting 10-year-old boy would have his hero freeze?