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Friday, 3 April 2015

Caught red-handed!

There was panic at Fabled Towers this week when reader Gabriel Chase pointed out that the new edition of The Court of Hidden Faces (Fabled Lands book 5) was missing section 614. Cue some hasty reformatting, so the book you order now is complete. To those who bought the flawed edition, I can only apologize and offer the consolation that maybe scarcity will make your copy worth more in years to come.

The missing section (complete with overlooked lexical repetition - oops) reads:
You are caught red-handed with the jewellery box in your hand. The masked lord calls for his retainers, and you are seized by many armed men.
     Make a CHARISMA roll at Difficulty 15. If you succeed, you end up thrown into the dungeons of Aku – turn to 350. If you fail, you are sold into slavery in Aku – turn to 321.


  1. Missing paragraph and incorrect case on the spine? This book will be worth a fortune!! Especially when I finally track you down and get that personalised death paragraph... One day, Morris... One day...

    1. Hmm, maybe I should run off a few extra-special collector's editions. A copy with General Marlock wearing mascara, for instance - although I think in Megara's version he actually was. (And very pretty he looked too, let me hastily add.)