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Friday, 4 October 2019

An epic quest begins!

If you're on Facebook or Gamebook News you'll have already seen the big announcement that Prime Games are working on a Fabled Lands CRPG. Unlike previous digital versions of FL, this isn't just an enhanced book, it's a proper computer game. This is what Jamie and I have been hoping to do with our world for -- oh, only the past two decades or so.

Prime Games' founder Victor Atanasov gives more details on the company's blog, so scoot over there for answers to all the questions that I'm sure you're eager to ask. Just to recap the bullet points here, the game will include:

  • An interactive world map that will become the heart and soul of the game with locations from the books.
  • Branching text visualized in a modern, user-friendly fashion. 
  • Turn-based tactical combat system adapted for PC gamers, retaining and expanding upon the balance achieved within the books. 
  • Reworked classes and character progression skill trees.
  • Resource management systems (inventory, blessings, hideouts, resurrection deals, skills, abilities, cargo, etc).
  • Save/load for normal mode and, of course, the lack of such for Iron Man mode.
  • Visual effects and animations.

Jamie and I absolutely love the art style for the game. And if you scroll down to the end of Victor's blog post you'll catch a glimpse of the interactive map of the Isle of the Druids on the screen in front of us. Whetted your appetite yet?


  1. Congratulations Dave, it will be great to see Fabled Lands come alive in a CRPG. Bad news is you probably won't need to work any more with all thr royalties rolling in!

  2. This is exciting news. Will it be a bit like the Sorcery! apps?

    1. You navigate around on the map the way you do in Sorcery, but the FL combats will be more tactical. And you have character skill progression like in most CRPGs these days.

  3. Agree re the artwork, Dave. Has a unique vibe about it. The blockish style reminded me of some 16 bit computer games I used to play, Another World, Dark Seed and Beneath A Steel Sky. Ah, them wer the days!

    Having looked at Victor's blog, you didn't, erm, bump into his Mum about 30 odd years ago by any chance, did you?

    1. That would be nepotism, Andy. It's against EU regulations :-)

      Beneath A Steel Sky -- there's a classic!