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Wednesday 29 September 2010

...and really bad eggs

Another of the eponymous characters in Eye of Heroes:

Appearance: Jack wears the faded red jacket of a Sokaran Admiral. A rusty duelling pistol is tucked into one of his many belts, and he carries a rusty cutlass. His hands are adorned with rusty rings and rusted finger gauntlets, and his wild eyes carry a look of insane amusement. A rusty clockwork parrot sits on one shoulder.

History: Rusty Jack was a pickpocket from the town of Smogmaw who rose to become leader of a mighty pirate empire. As a child Jack had stolen from a temple of Sig, and had been cursed so that everything he touched turned to rusty iron. He soon turned this curse to his advantage, first by turning the Stitcher-King of Smogmaw into a statue and taking his place as the king of cutpurses, then by founding a spectacularly successful scrap metal business.

Funded by Rusty Jack’s benevolence, Smogmaw became a haven for thieves and pirates, all working under the umbrella of his scrap metal business. In time the traders of the Violet Ocean could stand it no longer. Goaded by the jealous industrialists of Copper Island, the Sokaran Empire dispatched an armada to destroy Smogmaw and bring back the head of Rusty Jack. The city was reduced to rubble, but Jack escaped into the jungles.

He returned a decade later at the helm of the Thunderbound, a flying Arkship stolen from the gold-skinned people of the Desert of Bones. After famously sacking the sky-city of Dangor, Rusty Jack wrecked havoc for decades across the shipping lanes of the Violet Ocean, ultimately founding a vast pirate empire in the Unnumbered Isles under the banner of the Red Reavers, and establishing himself as the first Reaver King.

Finally his crimes against Sig caught up with him. Unpopular for refusing to pay his tithes to the god, Rusty Jack was sold out by his own first mate, who arranged for Sig’s assassins to be allowed onboard as belly dancers. Jack took his attackers with him to the grave by cutting the power to the Arkship’s selenium engines. The wreck of the Thunderbound, and its fabled treasury, has never been found.

Character: Jack is the joker of the party. He has a soft spot for Tam, and enjoys poking fun at the other heroes.

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  1. Ah, the reavers and Smogmaw... didn't think of that.