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Monday, 28 February 2011

On behalf of the group, I hope we passed the audition

I intended to put this up to commemorate the start of the Interregnum (and also the anniversary of the Beatles’ last public performance, on the roof of Apple Records) but missed that target by a whole month. Better late than never (maybe) here’s my wife Roz and I on Leo Hartas’s radio show. Tune in every week to hear the Bantering Boys, Thursday at 9pm GMT on 10Radio. When you're listening late at night, you may think the boys are not quite right - but that's just the beer before the show, and anyway it's banter; it's not meant to make sense.


  1. To commemorate the start of the Interregnum...
    Are you a follower of Dennis Skinner ? ;-)

  2. What, Olivier? Just because I revere the memory of England's Lord Protector? His statue does stand right outside the Houses of Parliament, you know. (Cromwell's that is, not Dennis Skinner's!)

  3. OK ! (Excuse me, I'm not a Briton, just someone who bears the name of "Olivier"). Times have changed ! When the Monarchy came back, Cromwell's grave was opened and his corpse was beheaded !

  4. And stuck on a spike at Traitors Gate, that's true. But we'll get 'em Royalists for it eventually. Revenge is a dish best tasted very, very cold.

  5. Hey, I think it's one of your old gamebooks, and it gets a work out here:



  6. Lol - that's brilliant, Andy, thanks for pointing it out.