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Friday 8 June 2012

Frankenstein web demo

After all the recent posts about the writing of my interactive Frankenstein book app, you may like to try it out. And now you don't even need an iPad or iPhone, as development wizards Inkle have put a Frankenstein web demo up on their site. Pop over and have a conversation with Victor about what he's got in that tank - just click where you see the words "Give it a try."

This demo is the sort of thing that publishers ought to be putting up on their websites too, incidentally, not just leaving to developers. But we're only in 2012. Softly, softly.

Meanwhile, if you are iOS-enabled then you can buy the book here.


  1. It looks great!
    I'm eager to buy a copy! (my GF is going to buy an iPad, so I'm thinking as a gift)

  2. No fighting for who gets to read it first, then, Ikaros :-)

  3. Been quiet a long while in Fabled Lands-ville...

    So, an off-topic question for Jamie rather than Dave: -

    I'm rereading Duelmaster 4, 'Arena of Death', with some jerry-rigged rules for solo play. I'm finding that it's much easier to read gamebooks on trains now that I can write character sheets and roll virtual dice on my smartphone.

    Anyway, in the book's final pages, there are suggestions for a sort of tournament championship, 'The Eternal Champion'. It says, 'If you wish, you can compete with a friend throughout all eight of the Duelmaster titles'.

    As far as I know, only four titles made it into print. Were four more planned? What were they?

  4. There was at least one more title that was written and illustrated, but never published. That one was set in a martial arts monastery, IIRC. Jamie, can you tell us more?

  5. Hi Paul. Ah, the Arena of Death! The only book I ever dedicated to anyone, in this case, my Mum! Just thought it would be hilarious to dedicate a book called 'Arena of Death' to your mother! :P-)

    Anyway, yes, we were going to introduce a kind of Eternal Champion tournament system across all the books. I did write another in fact, (long since lost I think) but I can't remember what it was called. I think it was similar to Arena of Death, but a big martial arts championship, I think possibly set in the Ring of Vasch Ro from the Way of the Tiger books. But all characters were kung fu masters or ninjas or samurai. We did have plans for more but I really cannot remember any of the titles after the last one.

  6. There's a fifth, 'lost' Duelmaster book?! But this must be unearthed, and brought forward for all to see! If you stumbled across an undiscovered Caravaggio in your attic, would you be content to let it remain there, gathering dust, hidden from the eyes of the world?!

  7. For a long time that lost Duelmaster book was in my garage, along with a stack of illustrations for it (by Bob Harvey, I think). But Jamie and I cleared all that stuff out when I had builders in to convert the garage to a games room, and a lot of boxes got hurled into the black chthonian maw in the heart of Wandsworth recycling plant. Was that the fate of the manuscript? All we know is that we can't find it now :-(