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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Just my cup of tea

Still on the theme of Necklace of Skulls, what do you reckon to this far-from-ugly mug? It's one of a set of sixteen created by Cubus Games from the beautiful Mayan-themed artwork of Xavier Mula.

Click here to see them all. Which is your favorite?


  1. I am forced to admit I am not a huge fan of Mayan art, but the landscapes are lovely. I espeicllay like the desert scene on the left of row 2.

    1. This is really Barcelona art, not Mayan art, of course.

    2. As a PS, I don't mean that as a criticism of Xavier Mula's art. I love it - and it would have been hard to use "authentic" Mayan art anyway, partly because most of it is preserved as stone carvings rather than color illustration (Bonampak is a rare and notable exception) and in any case it went through several historical and regional forms. I find a lot of it quite Nouveau (the clear line, the obsession with filling empty spaces with decorative motifs) but that's based on ink reconstructions of the original reliefs, which mostly haven't weathered as well as the carvings of Egypt with its forgiving aridity. But the art we do have is almost all ceremonial, and I think Xavier has done a great job of creating a credible and vibrant folk style that might represent the everyday lives of the classical Maya.

  2. Thanks guys for the comments. I wanted to show in Necklace of Skulls the essence of Maya art but modern and fully adapted to my illustration style. I'm very happy with the final appearance!! ;)