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Tuesday 23 June 2015

So come up to the lab

In case you missed it, Paul Gresty has been spilling the beans (human beans) over on Lloyd of Gamebooks about the hopefully upcoming story/game The Frankenstein Wars that he and I are are developing with Cubus Games. Here's a taster:
"Imagine yourself in the place of a lazaran for a moment. One morning you wake to learn that your boss has grafted an extra head to your shoulders, and given you one extra arm. He's severed your own scrawny legs, and replaced them with the brawny limbs of a champion sprinter. All because he feels it will make you more effective in your work. How would you fight the wave of madness that such a change would surely engender? Could your husband or wife understand this transformation? How could you explain it to your parents, or your children?"
The story is about using the Frankenstein process to create an army of bioengineered soldiers - stronger, faster, more indifferent to pain than any normal man. If they fall in battle - even if they're killed - the body parts can be recycled to create the troops to fight on the next day. As Paul concludes:
"The conflict threatens to tear apart the heart of Europe. And yet the damage to humanity's soul may be far greater still."
You can read his whole article here and back the gamebook on Kickstarter here.


  1. FWIW, Just noticed that the boardgame Tales of the Arabian Nights that you mentioned a while back has been reprinted / revamped.

  2. No, it is the 2009 version, which I didn't realise was a reprint when I looked on ebay for it a while ago.