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Friday, 24 September 2021

Vulcanverse erratum


To err is human, but it doesn't stop me from kicking myself when readers pointed out a mistake in The Houses of the Dead section 391 which routed the reader to 751 instead of 752 where they were supposed to go. What makes that infuriating, on top of the inconvenience to readers who rushed to get their copies early, is that I had spotted the mistake in the proofs and corrected it on a print-out -- and then failed to amend the file.

If that mistake is in your copy, the only consolation I can offer is that it might be worth something like one of those Lincoln pennies with a missing letter. The corrected section is above, and if you run across me or Jamie at a convention we will happily correct it and add our signatures.

We've corrected it in all copies ordered from now on but we think there might be as many as a hundred early editions out there with this erratum and not all of those readers will come across this blog, so please circulate the corrected image as widely as possible.


  1. Last night I had A Dream about A Vulcanverse Roleplaying Game, but all I can remember about this Vulcanverse Roleplaying Game was 1 of The Skills in it

    Here's full info on that Skill. What do you think of this Skill from my Dream about a fictional Vulcanverse Roleplaying Game?

    The Skill is called Escape via boredom

    It has very few uses, to be exact it can only be used whilst the person that has the skill is being held captive

    The idea is that you talk to your capturer/capturers and the things you say to him/her/them are so boring that over a period of approximately 3 hours you literally bore him/her/them to sleep

    Then once his/her/their capturers are asleep the person that cast the spell and his/her/its allies, if their are any, escape

    1. This blog has now been running more than 11 years, so I think a lot of readers are starting to feel that way.