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Friday, 8 October 2021

Vulcanverse extras

Two more Vulcanverse gamebooks are in the layout stage right now and should be available next month. John Jones has kindly prepared a checklist of codewords and tick boxes for the first two books so you don't have to write in your copies. You can get that here and a blank Excel adventure sheet by the equally generous Puck Jackson here.

And there are also the PDF copies of the adventure sheets:

Hades (for The Houses of the Dead)

Notus (for The Hammer of the Sun)


  1. This is very exciting! I can't wait! Is there anything in particular that you're excited about in these next two? And do we have a ballpark release date for book 5 yet?

    1. In The Pillars of the Sky you have the denouement of the storyline involving the raid on Iskandria in The Hammer of the Sun. That culminates in a big sea battle, but in fact there are several other quests that you need to complete in the new book in order to fully play out the Iskandria story. I also quite like a quest involving stealing a hat from a god, which cuts between The Pillars of the Sky and The Wild Woods.

      As for book 5... I'll be editing books 3 and 4 for at least another month, but Jamie could get started on writing book 5 right now. I'd guess a release date in February next year, but it all depends how fast he works.

  2. I have A Question about Fabled Lands, but I can't remember if I'm allowed to ask it here and if I can't I apologize

    A friend has created A Version of The Fabled Lands RPG that combines the best, in his opinion, parts of both The Fabled Lands Books and The Fabled Lands RPG but he has a problem

    To give his sole players character a better chance of surviving he let his sole player roll 2D3 for all stats, 2D2+2x10 for initial Shards and 2D2+6 for Stamina

    The problem is that his sole player fairly rolled the maximum of 6 for all 6 stats, the maximum of 10 for Stamina and the maximum of 60 for starting Shards

    The main reason that's A Problem is that his sole player characters is starting in Sokara/Book 1 and a character as powerful as this 1 will find a lot of the early quests very easy

    This means that its likely that until his sole players character ventures outside of Book 1 most of the quests will be so easy that his sole player won't enjoy The RPG until he ventures outside of Book 1

    What potentially makes this even harder for my friend is that his sole player doesn't know how easy a lot of the early quests will be for a character this powerful

    As his players using A Female Mage their will be situations were his players characters gender and class will make a very easy quest almost impossible to fail

    What's more even if his sole player did know how easy a lot of early quests will be my friend wouldn't want to deprive his sole player the chance to use the super powerful, for Book 1, character that he's fairly created. Any ideas?

    1. I guess the answer is not to mix the RPG and the gamebooks. They do different things. If you start in book 1 with the rules as written you'll have a 1st rank character with abilities averaging 3 or 4, which should allow you to have an adventure with a fun level of challenge.

  3. Any regular starting character built in Book 1 will have a 6 in one stat anyway. Meanwhile those 60 shards and 10 Stamina aren't world-breakers. This Mage will have a slightly easier time of it in Books 1 and 2 - if she's not dumb/reckless. Heck, in Book 2 there's several situations that will kill your character even if you're a 12s in all stats, highest equipment, Rank 20+ demigod. Fabled Lands rewards smart players, not necessarily powerful characters.

  4. Theirs no, yet, option to ask on the part about sending A Fabled Lands to Vulcanverse so I'll ask here. What do you say?

    Without spoiling anything can even starting in any Vulcanverse Book at paragraph 222 challenge the following Fabled Lands Demi-God of mine that I got by using my knowledge to take advantage of as much of The Fabled Lands Books as possible?

    He may or may not have a maximum initial of 186 Stamina

    His initial stats will be Charm +3, Strength +3, Grace +3 and Ingenuity +3

    He'll have A Initial Glory of 3

    He'll start with 300 pyrs

    Belongings wise he'll start with 1 Golden Lyre, 1 Recurve Bow that comes from something that boosts Scouting, 1 pair of Winged Sandals that comes from something that boosts Thievery, 1 Hornbook that comes from something that boosts Magic, 1 Abacus that comes from something that boosts Sancitity and 1 Iron Spear

    1. The latest post should answer all your questions: