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Friday, 15 October 2010


Jamie has spent the last couple of weeks working with my Mirabilis co-creator, Leo Hartas, on an Escape From Colditz game intended to publicize re-runs of the old BBC/NBC show. You can play the beta (slightly buggy but still fun) on Leo's own site. The spot-on WW2 movie pastiche soundtrack is by the uber-talented Frazer Payne, and one of his tracks is in the beta, so it's worth a look just for that.

Bizarrely, the marketing folk at the TV company wanted Jamie and Leo to squeeze the game below 1.5 Meg so that people could email it to each other - y'know, like you do with Flash games. Well, that's marketing for you, bless 'em.

Anyway, while Leo has been playing around with Flash we started looking at mini-adventure games like Death in Sakkara and visual novels such as The Flower Shop. There I was resisting - I'd rather be writing more episodes of the Mirabilis comic than designing a game - but inspiration struck anyway. As it so often does when you're trying to work on something else. So now we have an intriguing hook for a Mirabilis adventure game and I just know it's going to lie there gnawing at my subconscious until we get on and do it.

The working title is Timber! and the only question now is whether to do it in Flash and give it away for free or to put a bit more care and attention into making an app version.

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