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Saturday 9 October 2010

The Lloyd of Dirkness

A while back we told you about Dirk Lloyd, another of the many projects that Jamie and I dreamed up for the ever-growing stable of fantastic Fabled Lands properties. At least, as we sat in the back yard clutching our bottles of Becks a few years ago, we thought it was our idea. But now we realize that we were in the grip of a mind so powerful, so insidious and so diabolical that we are but his cringing slaves.

The first Dirk Lloyd novel (written by the lord of evilness himself, channeling his dark intellect through the trembling fingers of Mr Thomson) has now been signed to Usborne and Jamie is screaming to be let out of the dungeon where we've locked him up to write the sequel. In the mashup between Dirk's ruthless fanaticism and Jamie's teetering sanity has emerged the most brilliant fantasy-comedy since Terry Pratchett first donned his famous wide-brimmed hat.

Watch for the first Dirk Lloyd book from Usborne Publishing in October next year. We'll bring you more news throughout the year. And in the meantime, connect with the junior lord of illimitable evil on Facebook - if you dare!

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