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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mirabilis launches on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and desktop apps

A cross-post today from my Mirabilis comic blog. Mirabilis season one, all 200 full-color pages of it, launches this week on's multi-platformed storefront. If you've had your nose pressed to the Apple Store window wondering about that iPad, save your money - the new version is out in a month or two anyway, and in the meantime you can not only get Fabled Lands on iPhone, you can now collect all eight issues of Mirabilis on a whole bunch of smartphones and other devices.

Which devices? Well, desktop or laptop for starters. You can get the free Adobe AIR application which really is a nice presentation frame for your comics. Then there are the iPad, iPhone and Android versions - also absolutely free, naturally. And if you prefer to go old school, there's's web reader that lets you have a look inside all their latest titles and to view the ones you collect on stunning fullscreen view. Setting up your ID takes a couple of clicks and then you can read your comics on any or all of the supported platforms.

Still not convinced? Okay, well try this: as an introductory offer you can get both Mirabilis #1 and #2 for free. And offer a whole bunch of other great titles in their online store, many of them free, and all backed up by the kind of extras we're coming to expect in digital comics: creator info, interviews, trailers, character tags and so on. Having just raised a further $3 million investment, are ramping up to be one of the major forces in the new comics media, and we're very proud to have Mirabilis as part of their 2011 flagship line.

This digital lark, there might actually be something in it, eh? But if you don't think so, hold on a few weeks and, if you live in the UK or Ireland, you'll be able to buy Mirabilis as two deluxe hardcovers.

Now, any choices I've left out..?


  1. What about Sony PSP? Are they motion comics or just the panels on a screen?

  2. I can't say they are "just" the panels on a screen, Anon, because I don't think much of motion comics, which are neither fish nor fowl in my view. Anyhow, the first two issues are free, so why not just take a look and see if you like it?

    As for the PSP - I don't know for sure, but it looks like have big plans to expand onto as many devices as possible. In the meantime, if you don't have a smartphone, there's always the desktop option. That Adobe AIR interface is really pretty good.