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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The French connection

With French films creating such a stir at the moment, here's one that role-players are going to like. It stars Megara Entertainment's CEO Mikael Louys taking us on a guided tour of the French edition of the Fabled Lands RPG by Greywood Publishing.

You'll be able to buy it from Megara and the English edition is of course on sale on Amazon (UK and USA). Personally I have just enough French to order a beer and a steak, but Megara's full-color production is such a thing of beauty that I think I'll have to get a copy myself.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the film. And be sure to full-screen it for maximum viewing pleasure.


  1. Hmm, it seems to be the perfect book system for beginners, with a well-balanced playing system and beautiful illustrations.
    To stir your interest in French a little more, Dave, I can add this link to a French-speaking forum, where I exposed my sketch of angaté, the language of Selentium and Ferromania (which I transformed later into full-developped Sambahsa):


  2. :) The pictures in French edition are lot better than English edition. I am quite tempted in spite of not understanding a single word of French.

  3. I'd like to speak French, Olivier, I just never got on with modern languages at school. Although I used to get top marks in Latin, for some reason.

    What I really need is for a French publisher to translate the whole of Mirabilis. Then I'd teach myself by reading it all. That might not work, though, as I watch a lot of French movies but I never pick up a single word.

    Joe, it does look really nice, doesn't it. Maybe the French RPG market is much bigger than in Britain, so lavish editions like this can make money.

  4. The Emperor Charlemagne once said, 'To have another language is to possess a second soul.' Personally, I'd edit that to, 'To speak another language FLUENTLY is to possess a second soul,' and even then, I think I'd be overstating the matter a little. Certainly, learning to speak French has made me extremely conscious of the way in which I use English, my mother tongue. Another plus point: French chicks are HOT.

  5. They are in fact the hottest in the world. Though if my wife reads that I'm going to claim somebody hacked my Blogger account :-)

  6. Ah, some British girls are not that bad... You know : "Elsewhere, the grass is greener..." (read: "chicks are hotter"). However, I understand that the scantily clad girls found in the art of the French version of Fabled Lands make you think that....

  7. Oh no, Olivier, I'm not thinking of scanty clothing. It's the sexiness of their style. French women (Parisian women, anyway) seem to have their femininity turned up to 11. And, to be even-handed, I understand French men are also considered to have that je ne sais quoi.

    As for British girls - just don't go anywhere near an English city centre on a Saturday night, that's all I'm going to say. It's enough to make you want to become a monk.

  8. Then, as an unmarried monk-like Frenchman, I must have a "rien du tout"...
    The problem you have in Britain is alcohol... Young people seem to turn into drunkards each Saturday night. As Britain has the most talentful fantasy authors, why don't they enjoy role-playing games instead ?

  9. "As for British girls - just don't go anywhere near an English city centre on a Saturday night,"

    I can confirm it's the same In Scottish cities and it doesn't have to be saturday either.

  10. Just to complete the picture of our shame, are there any Welsh readers out there who can confirm it's the same there too? :-/