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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's alive! (And it's free.)

Just to let Kindle owners know that we're having a promotion for Frankenstein's Legions, the steampunk sequel to Mary Shelley's Gothic SF classic by award-winning author John Whitbourn. You can pick up the Frankenstein's Legions ebook from Amazon US or Amazon UK and if you grab it this week it's free. Yep, free as air, free as lightning, free as a mad hunchback without a care in the world - but only for the rest of this week, so act now. The promotion starts Wednesday February 1st (Pacific Standard Time) and runs till midnight Saturday.

This is nothing to do with the Frankenstein app Jamie and I are currently writing for Profile Books, by the way. That's just one of those coincidences. We'll have more on that Frankenstein in a few weeks, but I can tell you: it's a book app (coded by highly evolved Cantabrigian lifeforms Inkle Studios), it's interactive, it's not a game, it's not steampunk, it's first person (mostly), it's not like anything you've seen before. Here is a picture by Lisa Gray that is one of my mood board inspirations for the work - quite a different vibe, as you can see, from Martin McKenna's awesomely in-your-face visuals for Frankenstein's Legions (above). One day, Martin, we'll get that videogame version done.


  1. Got it. Thanks for that. Let me finish the Dirk Lloyd book, and then I'll have a look at it (and I must confess I'm even reading Dirk rather slowly, as I also got my hands on a bunch of the Walt Simenson-era Thor comics, recently...).

  2. That's brilliant! Thanks for that.

  3. I used to have the entire Simonson run on Thor, PW, but many of them got lost in a move. I recently bought the omnibus collected edition (don't drop that on your foot!) but prefer the old coloring.

    Stuart, you're very welcome. If you like it - or even if you don't - a review on Amazon is always appreciated ;-)

  4. Unfortunately, it's only available for UK or US customers, as far as I can see... Or maybe I did something wrong, but I'm quite sure I did everything ok...

  5. It seems only to be available in the USA and Europe, Kingfede. (For anyone who can't find it, use where .XX is your local Amazon suffix, .de or whatever.)

    I don't know why this is. Maybe it's related to the reason that active content on Kindle is not available on devices registered outside the US. In other words, Amazon are a law unto themselves - and if that's true now, what will they be like in a few years when they've become the only major bookstore?

  6. Problem solved, I got a copy on Thanks to Fabled Lands Publishing! :)

    1. I just downloaded it from Amazon Germany into the Kindle-for-PC App (my reader is a SONY ...). Many thanks to Fabled Lands LLP and even more thanks for this great blog!