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Friday, 10 February 2012

Our Valentine's present to you

These Kindle giveaway offers (for Frankenstein's Legions and Abraxas) have been proving popular, and I'm still too snowed under with work on my Frankenstein interactive novel to be blogging regularly, so here's a new free promo. The Kindle book in question this time is The Lost Prince, a fantasy adventure novel for 8-12 year-olds by Jamie Thomson (author of the best-selling Dark Lord: The Teenage Years - as if you needed to be told that).

The Lost Prince is set in the world of Harkuna and closely parallels our Fabled Lands books. You can find it on Amazon UK here and US here, and it's free from Saturday Feb 11 to Wednesday Feb 15 inclusive, starting midnight LA time. Here's an extract:
"Gasping back tears of horror and anger, Varren shimmied his way down the well. In the circle of light above his head three ugly, scarred, war-bitten faces appeared, staring down at him. One of them was readying his crossbow. Varren released his grip and fell straight down into the water. A crossbow quarrel whooshed into the water next to him. He hauled himself out, and into a side tunnel just above the water level. He’d used this way in and out of the castle for years. He hurried off down the tunnel, the sounds of battle fading away behind him."
Other news in brief: I've been reading the first part of Frankenstein on iPad, and a very beautiful piece of work it is by developer/design outfit Inkle Studios, who we're planning to do more with in the very near future. I'm also told by Spirit Entertainment that their version of The War-Torn Kingdom will be out on Android, Kindle and Kindle Fire in a little over a month's time, and there should be more platforms following after that. And Jamie is currently going through the proofs for the US edition of Dark Lord, coming out from Bloomsbury later in the year. They changed cricket to baseball, would you believe? (Dirk's favourite ballgames are head hurling and scythe hockey, so he probably won't mind.)


  1. This is much appreciated, guys. Thank you. Looking forward to your future projects!

  2. Great news! Dave any chance this will come out on IoS? I know Megara have their own version on there but I'd probably buy both!

    Hopefully the kindle version is a bit easier to implement and therefore they churn out books faster. It would be great if they got to book 6 and needed your help to create more material :)

  3. We're certainly hoping that the various digital versions will be popular enough that we can move to book 7 and beyond, Drake.

    I should elaborate, because last time I said this somebody got quite irate. We don't only want to cater for ereader and smartphone owners, we want to do print editions too. But there is more of a market in the digital editions, so it's success there that will (hopefully) enable us to continue the series.

    You'd buy two different FL iOS apps? Wow. But you won't need to, because Spirit are planning a browser-based version as well, so even folks who don't have Kindle or Android devices will be able to play Spirit's version.

    1. Dave, don't be surprised, I have both the ios versions, all the prints (including the old ones!) and plan to get the kindle versions as well!

      (Although I would still love that 12 item restriction removed!!!!)

  4. Hmm... Maybe I should talk to Spirit Entertainment (the Android/Kindle developers) about the 12-item rule?