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Monday, 6 February 2012

The opal altar and the golden spire

There was such an enthusiastic response to our special free offer on the ebook edition of Frankenstein's Legions that we thought we'd do it all over again this week with Abraxas, the science fantasy world that Jamie and I devised for an MMO back when we worked at Eidos.

In fact Abraxas has been free all along right here on this blog, but now you can get the Kindle edition for nothing too. It's on Amazon US here, UK here, Germany here, and... well, if you live elsewhere, just change the suffix in the URL to your local Amazon and you'll find it.

The offer lasts all this week, Monday to Friday inclusive (Pacific Standard Time). You don't just get the Abraxas world background, fauna, exotech items and Russ Nicholson's concept drawings, you also get a rare poem by the king of ancient world fantasy, Robert E Howard himself. Crom himself wouldn't give you a sweeter deal.


  1. Awesome! Downloaded and ready to read. I'll spead the word on my blog later today.

  2. Thanks! Jamie and I are big devotees of the REH/ERB school of fantasy, so we're really hoping the John Carter movie will show people that there's more to the genre as a whole than Tolkien's elves and goblins. Now, where's my actinic lance..?

  3. 'John Carter' is my most looked-forward-to thing so far this year! I am going to make my wife come and see it with me!

    My only pause when watching the trailer is that I hoped JC himself would be more of an antebellum Southern Gentleman. Perhaps they thought audiences couldn't take that (they probably still remember the mass riots that followed the release of 'Gone With the Wind').

  4. I'm with you there, Tom. He looks a bit too much of a rough-n-tumble Western hero, not my sense of John Carter. But I have been waiting for this movie for 40 years so I'm not going to quibble!

    (Would my wife come and see it? She liked Iron Man and Star Trek, so maybe...)