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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nice rice baby

The balloon went up a few days early, but officially it's today. As Master Po would say, "Slice like a ninja, Grasshopper. Cut like a razor blade. But quit your jibberjabber and don't let no fool get between you and the Way of the Tiger Kickstarter campaign."

Maybe I'm mixing up my trash TV shows there, but make no mistake, it begins today. You have one month to pledge $50 for each full-colour hardback WOTT book you want on your shelves - including the all-new prequel book, Ninja, and maybe even book seven, Redeemer. (To call that one "long-awaited" is an understatement; people died of old age waiting for it to be written.)

So your mission, should you choose to accept... Oh, there I go again. Better wax off before I get to cowabunga.


  1. While I'll be very happy if the project goes on and brings back WotT with a deluxe edition, I have to be honest: 50$ for a hardback book are way too much for me, and probably for many other fans...

    1. I'm sure you're right, and we're not going to leave you stranded. Fabled Lands Publishing will follow up with a paperback edition, but with the caveat that we don't know when exactly (should be by autumn next year, though) and those will just be 5"x8" black & white print-on-demand editions, designed to fit alongside the FL and Critical IF oaperbacks, so not nearly as collectible or durable as Megara's edition.

    2. How much are the paperback editions likely to cost? I'm interested in the new WotT books, but not at $50 each.

      For what it's worth, I don't see paperbacks as non-durable. The original WotT books, printed in the mid-80's, I still have on my bookshelves a quarter of a century after I bought them and they're in perfectly readable condition. Given the choice between paying $50 for a 'collectable' edition and a fourth of that for a paperback edition, I'll go with the paperback edition every day. I've waited over 25 years to see how the series finished, I can wait a little longer.

    3. That's fine. There's no one answer fits all here. Some will want the hardcover for $50, others will opt for the paperback at (guessing now, no promises) $10. The entire publishing industry has been founded on that choice for the last seventy years at least.

    4. I should add to that an important point. If Book 7 comes into being, it will be entirely thanks to those who did pledge $50 for a hardcover copy. So let's not despise the rich - they very often (as in this case) finance the R&D from which the rest of us benefit.