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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Way of the Tiger closes in on stretch goal five

The Way of the Tiger campaign on Kickstarter is entering the final stretch and for me the most exciting goal is finally within reach. If the pledge total reaches $35,000, Leo Hartas will be commissioned to create a map of Irsmuncast, which is one of the WOTT cities.

The youngsters among you may never have heard of Leo Hartas, so let me assure you he is possibly the world master of fantasy maps. OK, I haven't done a survey lately but he's certainly one of the masters. Twelve million Fighting Fantasy readers can't be wrong. You want a teeming warren of rogue-haunted streets, an oozy network of sluggish foetid canals, a suggestion of looming peak-roofed buildings, a scattering of creepy cemeteries, dour prisons and numinous temples? Leo's your fella.

As well as being an expert scribbler, Leo co-hosts a radio show called The Bantering Boys. Three chaps engage in wittily inconsequential chit-chat and play the odd bit of music. It's all very English. Tune in Thursday evenings at 9 pm if that's your cup of tea.

If you were thinking of investing in a hardback set of WOTT gamebooks, the city map is a reward worth raiding the housekeeping money for. I'm still hoping I'll be able to pay Leo to continue my Mirabilis comic book epic eventually. But for that I'd need a bigger Kickstarter.

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