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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Monkeys with low morals

One of Megara Entertainment's amazing army of backers on Kickstarter posted up this extract from Over the Blood-Dark Sea. It's a perfect reminder of what Jamie and I always wanted the Fabled Lands to be - a dazzling tapestry of adventure where you're constantly finding hints, clues, information or items that point to quests elsewhere in the books.

`In the great forests of that southern land known as Ankon-Konu abide creatures whose like is not found elsewhere at any part of the world. In the higher branches there are fungi that can float on the warm breezes and ensnare monkeys and birds. With my own eyes I beheld a man slain by the crimson moss which can grow in great swathes overnight, suffocating the unwary. In leafy groves as dark as caverns I met with men whose eyes were like great jewels atop their heads. There are insects as hard and bright as glass, large as a man's fist, and monkeys with the morals of a Metriciens street-thug. But strangest of all are the creatures that give Ankon-Konu the name by which mariners commonly know it. These creatures are the plumed flying fish of the jungle, and the name by which the continent is thus called is the Feathered Lands.'

"Not all authorities agree," says the librarian, looking over your shoulder. "I have heard other, quite different, accounts of that land."

I don't need to tell you about the current Kickstarter campaign by Megara Entertainment to open up the continent of Ankon-Konu. There's a tab in the sidebar to the right there if you want to back it. And if you did already, then on Megara's behalf I thank you. The campaign is swiftly sailing towards excitement and thrills in exotic climes, and all with your help.


  1. 'It is a land of marvels,' he avers. 'There is a hole right through the world there, and men study the stars through it. Another town is built around the feet of a great colossus that holds up the sky. On the east coast are plains where a tribe of gold-skinned men feud with a tribe who have blue skins. In the deepest desert they keep a flotilla of ships, and in the western jungles I saw clumps of moss crawling like caterpillars'

    Book 8 sounds amazing as well. I think it might be "On the west coast are plains..." instead of "east coast", according to the map.

    1. I think you're absolutely right, Todd. I'd blame Jamie, but if that's from book 3 then it's my fault.

    2. I see it was in Cities of Gold and Glory. OK, well that's my fault then. Well spotted, Todd - you get the 20-year FL proofreading prize!

  2. That's so wonderfully evocative! I love the librarian's comment at the end :)