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Monday 22 November 2010

Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.

More hot news: Magnum Opus Press have just released In From the Cold, a collection of Dragon Warriors scenarios from the golden age of White Dwarf. (Or should that be the mithril age? Moving on...)

I got my hands on a copy at the weekend and it was worth the wait. This is the last Dragon Warriors book from MOP and they pulled out all the stops to make it a fantastic swansong. Apart from the magnificent cover painting by Jon Hodgson (for me and Oliver, the DW artist) you get Ian Sturrock's recasting of my old "Dealing with Demons" article as a whole new DW character profession, Oliver's "Lone & Level Sands" adventure from the Invaders & Ancients book, Mike Polling's seminal "Key of Tirandor" - oh, and loads of stuff by that guy Morris.

It's not easy to find where to buy it, but UK customers can go to Orc's Nest (hit the link above) or Flaming Cobra. And although I said this is the last Dragon Warriors book from Magnum Opus Press, don't think you've seen the last of 2nd edition DW. Not by a long chalk.


  1. "And although I said this is the last Dragon Warriors book from Magnum Opus Press, don't think you've seen the last of 2nd edition DW. Not by a long chalk."


  2. Hi Joakim, yes, I can reveal that Fabled Lands LLP has signed a new license deal for the DW series. No news from the new license holders yet, but no doubt when they have firmed up a release schedule they'll be announcing it.

  3. Eager purchasers can also buy In From The Cold (and the rest of the Dragon Warriors Second Edition line) in PDF form from DriveThruRPG, at a substantial discount on the price of the printed books.

    The Magnum Opus Press page is here:

  4. Yes indeed, James, and let me also put in a plug for "The Flying Serpent, or Strange News Out Of Essex." This intriguing little chapbook from Magnum Opus Press is the perfect antidote to dreary dungeonized fantasy, being the very essence of pure English magic. Available at a snip from DriveThru here:
    I'll be reviewing it properly on the Mirabilis blog quite soon.

  5. I'm having problems finding the #8 book for Fabled Lands. My son loves these books and I wanted to surprise him with the rest of the series. Can anyone help me?

    1. Fabled Lands only got as far as book 6 (Lords of the Rising Sun) back in the 1990s, though we are hoping there will be a Kickstarter to fund book 7 (The Serpent King's Domain) in the next month or two. Keep watching this blog for further announcements.

    2. Thanks for the info !!! One of his friends didn't order #7 for him then. I'll have to check that out. My son says, " your one of the best Authors out there."

    3. Thanks! I think there might be a few fan-written FL books out there, but the only official ones are books 1-6 - and the forthcoming (we hope) book 7.