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Tuesday 28 December 2010

Under the wood

The festivities give an excuse for laziness, so today's post is just a pointer at "Wayland's Smithy", a scenario set in Legend that's still up on Tim Harford's very occasional blog/webzine Annwn.

I ran the scenario as a response to the characters wanting magic swords. You can't just buy those in Legend, you see, and typically of Legend scenarios it didn't turn out at all as anyone expected. Duryakin (played by Frazer Payne, who created the Annwn logo) shared the Lady of Baptismarl's bed and the next morning planted the apple she gave him under a tree. Later, as the characters rode back weary from their adventure, they passed that same tree and heard a baby crying. Years later, Duryakin returned the sole survivor of the Iron Men campaign, now blind, and took up residence in the derelict manor of Baptismarl with his strange son.

Before that, my own character, Caliburn, who had managed to get some of that faerie ore turned into a sword, dropped the damned thing in the grave of his best friend Joseph Lynch (played by Tim Savin) having been beguiled briefly into believing in the possibility of magical resurrection by Tim H's infinitely devious sorcerer Kal ki-Lan Tor.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that little apple seed gave us a lot of gaming fun and I hope it does the job for you too. Plenty of other useful posts on Annwn too, such as this one on the Apocalypse that may or may not happen in Legend in the year 1000. Hopefully December 31st will pass without an extinction event in this universe. Season's greetings!

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