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Friday, 28 January 2011

Everything you ever wanted to know about the lands of Legend

Magnum Opus Press did a sensational job of bringing Dragon Warriors back from the veils of obscurity with a series of beautifully produced, stunningly illustrated and superbly written scenario packs, rulebooks and source material. Unfortunately, as everybody knows by now, MOP supremo James Wallis has had to move on to other projects - in particular his exciting Facebook-based sim/RPG, of which I can tell you absolutely nothing except that it is certain to become a household name as soon as it's revealed to the world.

But it's not all bad news. In fact, far from it. As one door closes another - equally gilded, bejewelled, enticing and with the requisite hint of dark faerie magic - is swinging open, because a new company will be picking up the DW reins. There are some top industry names involved and you're going to like what they have planned for you.

Before the new stuff starts flowing, Magnum Opus have announced the sort of offer that won't get repeated in this lifetime of the universe. They have packaged up every single one of the new edition DW releases in The Ultimate Legendary Pack, a PDF collection priced at only $88.95, which is way less than half of what all those books would cost you in their unkind-to-trees edition. Check it out over on DriveThruRPG.


  1. Tis truly excellent value. Unfortunately? Fortunately? I already own all of them in both hardcopy and pdf. :)
    But for those who don't ; grab it while you can!

    Damian May

  2. Spellbindigly, intriguingly, marvellously anticipatory news about the forthcoming DW releases from the new team, however! Having recently completed purchasing all extant new material (as well as having a full set of DW books from the first time 'round, albeit somewhat dog-eared from over the years), I can heartily recommend all those who haven't already got a complete set of DW 'stuff' to take advantage of this splendid offer!

  3. I have already bought the pdfs and recommend them. I am also looking forward to the future projects.

  4. Major props to James Wallis and everyone else involved in the Magnum Opus revival of Dragon Warriors!

  5. Yes indeed, Jiminy. They are a talented team, but we have to remember that it was James who found the team and ran the show. The credit for the DW revival must go to him above all. And he'll be a tough act to follow, but I'm confident we've found a Moffat to replace James's RTD. Just wait and see!