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Thursday 14 July 2011

This just in -

I just got a heads up from Jamie Wallis at Greywood Publishing to say that the Fabled Lands RPG is now on Amazon UK. If you're Stateside, it's still on Amazon US, of course - and there, as bargain hunters will probably have already noticed, at a slightly lower price than the British edition.

Jamie also told me to tell you that the Sokara sourcebook will be out in September and the Golnir book in December. So lots of background material, scenarios, creature, characters, locations, maps and items to come. Better roll your characters now.

Oh, double-taking at that cover? It was Greywood's original mock up using Kevin Jenkins's beautiful painting from The War Torn Kingdom (FL Book One). Who wouldn't want to live in that castle?


  1. Hi Dave. Good to hear the RPG news. If you're interested, I talk about Fabled Lands quite a bit on my latest blog post. Clicking on the 'pwgresty' above should take you there.

  2. Hey, great analysis of the books, PW, and yes, we can take the criticism. I hope the points you raise are things that the RPG and the apps are already fixing - though I probably should say that we always liked the short paragraphs (inspired by the Tales of the Arabian Nights boardgame) as a bit of an antidote to Frustrated Author Syndrome in gamebooks where there are long swathes of prose with very few choices.

    I know, I know - people who live in glass houses, etc :-)

    Sorry to hear that your copy of the Fabled Lands RPG is taking a while to arrive. If it's any consolation, I'm planning to post up a vintage Oliver Johnson scenario originally intended for DW Book 7, so maybe I can include FL RPG stats in that too.

  3. Glad you liked it. Sadly, mine is a young, and still somewhat incomplete, blog. But I firmly hope to influence the dozen or so people who I know for a fact read it.

    I always thought that the long, descriptive passages were one of the strong points of the Blood Sword books - hulking, doorstop-sized things that they are. The extract from The Demon's Claw that you put on the blog a few posts ago was a prime example. True, on the tenth read-through you start to skim-read a bit.

    Of course, given that in Fabled Lands you can easily hit one paragraph ten times in one game, I can't really fault your decision to stay word-lite. I still go for the lengthy swathes of text, though.

    Dragon Warriors Book 7, you say? Scenario aside, any hints on what it would have included?

  4. Good point, although that was one of the major sections in The Demon's Claw - the first meeting with Prince Susurrien. I hope I didn't put too many two- or three-pagers in there :-)

    The direction for DW after book 6 has been documented in previous posts. Search the tags for either Ophis or Invaders & Ancients. There's a lot of material, the problem is that most of it is not in digital form.

  5. One thing I couldn't comprehend was.. why buying a house in the city was so cheap, but buying for example a rope was costing nearly the same amount of money?!

    1. I have to agree. If a townhouse is 200 Shards, a length of rope shouldn't be more than 5. We slipped up there. I blame Jamie :-)