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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Something creepy in Crawley

Here's a page from the Catalan edition of Dark Lord: The Early Years (as it is to be titled in the USA). Jamie arrived at my house the other day bearing wine, chocolate and various foreign editions of the book. (There was a Spanish one as well, but you don't get to see Catalan every day.) So we drank the wine, ate the chocolate, and now I'm discovering how much fun it is to teach yourself a new language by reading a translation of something you're very familiar with.

Jamie will be at Adelio’s in Crawley, West Sussex, this weekend (Saturday, March 31) talking about fantasy writing, Frankenstein, Fabled Lands and, of course, Dirk Lloyd. You can get tickets here or at the door. Adelio's is at 12 Brighton Road, Southgate, Crawley RH10 6AA.


  1. It's now here:

    Adelio’s Open House 12 Brighton Road,
    Southgate, Crawley RH10 6AA

  2. I wholly agree that going over familiar ground in an unfamiliar language is a great way to learn. I taught myself a lot of French by getting hold of French copies of the PC games 'Baldur's Gate II', and 'Arcanum: of Steamwork and Magick Obscura.'

    For a long time I couldn't order food in a restaurant, true - but if you were francophone and wanted to know how to slay half-ogres, I was your guy.

  3. All of my Catalan will be phrases for commanding goblin hordes. Though I will at least be able to order rock cakes in a café - when Book Two comes out, that is.

  4. We can go 'MWah, hah, hah,' in Spanish and Catalan now!