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Friday, 30 March 2012

Gamebooks on The World at One

The BBC had a short (very short) feature on gamebooks on their World at One radio show yesterday, ostensibly to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the genre - though really they should have done that in 2004. If you're in the UK you can listen to it here for the next 7 days. Zip right on through to the last 5 minutes if you don't want the discussion on oil prices.

It's as completely flippant, patronizing and inconsequential as you'd expect of BBC coverage of a topic like this, but at least you get to hear Ian Livingstone gamely going along with it with a finely judged tone of Mancunian irony. What I liked was when the interviewer asked, "Will we ever see a literary gamebook?" A very timely question, answered here.

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