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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nerve-racking news

So you can't have missed that Megara Entertainment are working on deluxe hardcovers of The Way of the Tiger for release in 2014, nor that Fabled Lands LLP will be bringing out paperbacks (black-and-white, so a little less deluxe) later in the year.

Megara also have the Orb RPG in development, for those who are more interested in role-playing than in gamebooks and who aren't that bothered about sneaky, leapy geezers in black PJs. Come on, I can't be the only one. Any questions, just ask the chaps at Megara.

Even more amazing news: Jamie just told me that he was digging around in the attic and he came across a complete Duelmaster book, previously unpublished. This one was to be titled either Masters of the Martial Arts or Tournament of Champions, and Jamie finished it just a few days before he heard that the publisher had cancelled the series. We're going to be playing it next week to see if it stands the test of time. If so - well, can you stand another Kickstarter?


  1. You know you want to, Dave. You've been flirting with Kickstarter for some time now. It's something you both want. Just let it happen. It will be a beautiful thing. Or you'll wake up the next morning wondering why you even thought it was a good idea. Either way, we regret the things we don't do more than the things we do.

  2. I am with Stuart on this one.
    It would be awesome

  3. It wouldn't be my Kickstarter, it would be Mark's and Jamie's. As such, I'm all for it - I don't have to do anything! Also, as the book is already written, the profit margin built into the KS would only have to pay for artwork, editing and typesetting. I'll keep you posted if they decide to do it.

  4. Haven't been here a while, but I just gotta ask again once a year:

    Are the plans for Fabled Lands 6-12 on ice? The apps seemed to have stopped with FL2 already too, and still no android version.

    1. FL 6 is out, Alexander. Look for Lords of the Rising Sun on Amazon. I can't promise books 7-12. FL fans are few in number, but maybe Kickstarter would provide a way for those few fans to fund a new book - for caveats, see recent posts tagged "Kickstarter".

      As for new FL apps, I don't think those are very likely. And after two years' waiting I doubt if we'll ever see an Android version. But Inkle's Sorcery apps should keep gamebook fans happy.