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Thursday, 11 January 2018

What lies beneath

If I can advertise what Mssrs Jackson and Livingstone are up to these days, I figure I'm entitled to mention my own work. It's a special month over on my Patreon page because I'm serializing all-new pages of my comic Mirabilis: Year of Wonders.

I've run out of inked pages (the equivalent of the power company switching off the electricity, only in this case the unpaid bills mean a lack of artist and colorist) so the rest of this issue (number 10, titled "A Truth That Wounds") will be just Leo's pencils, then next issue (sometime in February) I'll be scraping the barrel of my own illustrative (in)capability. But hey, at least I'm getting to tell the story.

More about comics tomorrow -- only this time set in the land of Legend.


  1. You've been far *too* modest with your self-promotion I think Dave. Mirabilis looks really interesting, I'll definitely be checking it out fully when I've got time to do it justice.

    As far as the series' future is concerned, is what you describe (using your own artwork) the path you feel it will likely take ongoing?

    1. I wouldn't hire an artist who drew as badly as I do, Michael, if it weren't for the fact that it costs me nothing. It's probably the only option for continuing the series, as otherwise I'd have to write it as a prose novel and that would mean going back and rewriting the whole of the Winter book (eight issues of the comic) before I got to the new stuff.