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Friday, 26 March 2021

Hold that thought

You might have noticed that we're not running comments any more. I enjoy the conversations that take the week's post as a starting point (the more discursive the better) but there are better places on the internet nowadays for most of the rest of it.

If you've got gaming experiences you want to share, or general chit-chat, here are some Facebook groups that are ideally suited to that kind of conversation. 

Dragon Warriors group

Advanced Dragon Warriors group

Fabled Lands group

Tekumel group

Role-Playing Games group

Tabletop Role-Playing Games group

Gamebooks group

Stuart Lloyd has kindly provided the link to a Facebook group for The Way of the Tiger, and I'm sure there are forums for it. There's even a blog. Likewise Bloodsword. There are probably more up-to-date sites too, but I'm going in the other direction from social media myself, as most of what you find posted there wouldn't even pass the Turing Test.

If you're up for stimulating discussions about roleplaying, the best place for that these days is the Improvised Radio Theatre With Dice forum. Or why not come over to the Jewelspider page on Patreon? Maybe I'll see you there. No cat pictures, I promise.

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