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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

True bluish light

Another YouTube outing for Heart of Ice? It's getting to be like buses. If you don't have time to sit and watch the whole playthrough, grab the podcast here. Or you could cut out the middle man, as Stan Laurel advises, and just read the book.

The only downside to all this flattering attention for my own favourite of my gamebooks is that it piles on the pressure for the forthcoming Vulcanverse series. Can Jamie and I make them even better, or must we resign ourselves to resting on our laurels? You'll be able to judge in a few months.


  1. While I wouldn't care to rank my favourite four gamebook series (Bloodsword, Critical IF, WotT, Falcon) in order, as far as singular gamebooks go. I am prepared to say I rate Heart of Ice in my top one.

    I've tried to find Duelmaster second hand and they're scarce, Dave, so if you can keeping nudging Jamie and Mark, that would be most appreciated!

    1. I do mention it to them from time to time, Andy, but I can't see them ever getting around to doing the scanning & typesetting work involved.