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Thursday 29 September 2022

Some day my prints will come

We're big fans of Gary Chalk around here, not just for his astonishing artistic talent but because he's a true gentleman and a huge personality loved by all who know him. So it's a pleasure to spread the word about his new online shop where you can buy giclée prints of some of his best-known pictures. While stocks last, as they say, so don't delay.


  1. I didn't appreciate how good an artist Gary Chalk was back in the day, Dave. Looking at the link you provided and flicking through those old Lone Wolf books has put me right on the matter.

    My only reservation about buying a print is the ensuing conversation required after it's landed on the doorstep, "darling, look what I've just got for the hallway..."

    1. Good point, Andy. Only buy one of Gary's prints if your significant other is also a fan!