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Monday, 7 October 2013

What dread hand and what dread feet?

Way of the Tiger fans can't have too many reminders that their black-pyjamed hero - I mean, alter ego - is making a bid to return from the misty swamps of gamebook history. If Megara Entertainment get the backing they need, Avenger will leap, tiptoe, somersault and forward roll his (or her) way into the 21st century in a series of full-colour hardback books.

Depending on this Kickstarter campaign, you'll be able to play through the early life of everybody's favourite peace-loving assassin in David Walters's prequel book Ninja and then undo the hero's demise at the end of book six in Redeemer, written by David Walters in consultation with original WOTT authors Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson.

I've seen David's plot outline for Redeemer and it's by no means the sort of "with one bound he was free" solution that would have Annie Wilkes shouting at the screen. Instead it really moves the series on into a more mature, novelistic, character-driven direction as befits the fact that the typical WOTT fan has to be at least thirty-five years old by now.

But perhaps you are not so long in the tooth as that. Or perhaps you were never bitten by the '80s ninja-and-nunchuks craze. Not familiar with Way of the Tiger? No need to fret, as those generous chaps at Megara have come up with a demo comprising about half of book one:
  • Download the full-size version here
  • Download the compressed version here
And to think, Megara didn't even have to kidnap and hobble Mark and Jamie to make this happen. Not so far, anyway.

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