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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Windows on another world

First off, let me say that I’ve been merrily posting up examples of Russ’s brilliant artwork from the Fabled Lands books on the assumption that Fabled Lands LLP (the company that controls the book rights) had paid him for the artwork rights too. Not so, as it turns out; we acquired only the Abraxas art. Well, that’s my mistake so I shall stop putting up any of Russ’s FL pictures (other than by his permission) with this last glorious example, the purpose of which is simply to send you over to Russ’s own blog, where you can see plenty of his work both fantastic and otherwise. When you get to see the versatility of Russ’s talent beyond the areas of fantasy, sci-fi and horror in which he is the pre-eminent British imagineer, I think you’ll be amazed. I have sung his praises here often enough, so I won’t say more. His work, in any case, speaks for itself.

These front and back covers were for a proposed book to be published by Fabled Lands LLP - a visual guide to the FL world using Russ's images and text taken from the books. We got sidetracked by non-fantasy projects, but if anybody else wants to step in and do something along those lines then pop over to Russ's blog and see if a deal can be struck. In our view a retrospective like this is long overdue.


  1. I really liked Russ Nicholson's arts as it is really fun to look at them. One of my many favourite is the one where you saved a woman and her crew from that ship in Book One or Two and that carried over in Book Three as you visited the port and came across her and that was a nice touch.

    So really, it is a shame that this book will not come out since it is one that I really would like to have in my hands. :) It saved all the bothers of flickering through my six books after all.

    Joseph Snape

  2. Hi Joe - if it's any consolation, you'll get to see some of Russ's artwork in glorious AppleColor when the app versions of Books 1 and 2 are released. The first of those hopefully in time for Christmas...