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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Unearthly delights

Here's a hint about what's coming up tomorrow. And for a bonus prize: can anyone identify the artist?


  1. Hi Dave,

    Nice!! I loved "Castle of the Lost Souls" illustrated by Bruno Elettori (with one 'L', not two I guess) ;-)

    In Switzerland, this serie was very successful - I enjoyed that episode which came out as #5 in my country and was translated in "Le Château des Ames Damnées". Scary!


  2. Hi Steve. It was #6 in the UK series, but I heard the Gallimard editions ( did you get those in Switzerland?) numbered them differently. And I believe you're right about the spelling of Mr Elettori's name.

  3. Here's everything y'all want to know :
    (and a review that Dave will appreciate...)


  4. We did get the Gallimard ones, Dave. However, for many books, the french edition removed original illustrations or used other (talented) artists.

    Here's two examples you (and your readers) might enjoy... :)

    The Kingdom of Wyrd:

    Necklace of Skulls:

    Cheers, Steve

    PS: Olivier, we have the same references - Great :)

  5. Nice book indeed! Maybe not as good as "The eye of the Dragon", but surely a nice gamebook. :)

  6. Thank you, Kingfede. I prefer Eye of the Dragon too :)

    French covers are always better than British ones. Even when it's the same picture, the French art directors do better design and fonts.

  7. Golden Dragon reprints? With added new material? New artwork? Maybe even GD-DW scenario conversions?!?

    I'll try to wait patiently for Teh Awesum News!

  8. Hey, DW conversions of Golden Dragon scenarios? Eye of the Dragon started out as an RPG scenario (for Empire of the Petal Throne, though) so that could work really well, Jiminy.

  9. Slightly off topic, but as you mentioned Knightmare briefly I just thought I'd say that I picked up a couple of those books back in the day and was very impressed.

    Knightmare was my favourite kids tv programme in the early 90's. It was a very clever production, particularly for it's time. I remember being rather sad when the programmes stopped being made, but the concept of collecting objects and completing quests was probably a big factor in me becoming so interested in gamebooks as I grew older.

  10. Just realised my comment above should actually have been in reply to the more recent post on this topic. I obviously got a bit confused seeing (almost) the same picture twice, but nevermind!

  11. I enjoyed writing the Knightmare books, Colin, and would like to see both the novellas and the gamebook sections available in ebook form. Tim Child was the producer and creator of the show, and his daughter suggested republishing all the stories in one volume, but Random House, who are the co- owners of the copyright, were not interested. Fair enough, really, as once the TV show went off-air there would have been little demand.

  12. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, and see how they change and develop through the story. I felt like I personally knew them, not like I was reading about some random people. I loved how the story progressed at a good steady pace for the most part.