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Saturday 18 June 2011

Fabled Lands 2 now on iPad

A new update to the Fabled Lands app for iPad allows you to use in-app purchasing to access the land of Golnir as featured in Cities of Gold & Glory. The press release from Megara Entertainment tells us:
"If you already own Fabled Lands HD, you will be able to purchase the expansion for $6.99 via in-app purchase. You will be able to keep an existing character.

"The Fabled Lands 2 expansion adds more than twenty hours of gameplay. You can use any existing save game or create a new character, and you can travel freely between Golnir and Sokara.

"This second app is set in the prosperous kingdom of Golnir, a land made wealthy by its rich agriculture. There are quests, including slaying a dragon for the Baroness Ravayne (the ruler of Golnir), searching for magical artefacts for the wizard Estragon, bringing to justice a murderer on behalf of his victim's ghost, finding the Key of Stars to gain access to a treasure-filled tomb in the Forest of the Forsaken, and making a map of the treacherous northern mountains. The quests in the second book have a more whimsical fairy-tale nature to them than those in the first Fabled Lands HD app, giving Golnir a very strong Merrie England atmosphere."


  1. The Fabled Lands RPG was also released two days ago!

  2. Good news indeed, but I haven't had a press release for that. Jay Wallis at Greywood Publishing is sending me and Jamie copies. I'm hoping that Mr Thomson will review it. (Hint!)

  3. I just got my order shipped confirmation from Cubicle7 yesterday.

  4. It's a bit strange, as Cubicle 7 haven't told us that they have officially released it yet, hence why we haven't made an announcement.

  5. Leo and I are in the same position wrt the Mirabilis hardback edition. It's printed, we have copies, but so far only one shop in Lancaster actually has copies, so we have to figure it's not officially released. No point telling folks about a book till you can be sure they're able to order it!